Doctor Begin to Practice “Online” Manner

Online Medical App MyCare
March 18, 2020

Doctor Begin to Practice “Online” Manner

Healthcare is just one tap away.

Online healthcare is booming & consult with your city’s top doctors is become a new house call – As waiting rooms are full & patients need to wait a long to meets doctors. Through the Online Medical App, more physicians are seeing patients & patients get the right care at their homes at the right time.

People who don’t have insurance, people that live distant from healthcare, people who have challenges with leaving their home whether they don’t have a babysitter or whether they’re elderly and have a chronic condition those entire spectra of people using telehealth or Online medical app to get the right care.

How online medical app helps doctors & patients:

A group of expert doctors is performing complex surgery, guided remotely by a highly skilled & experienced surgeon via the online medical app MyCare. At the same time, a single mother sick in bed with high fever is being consulted by a physician via smartphone.



This is an amazing entity about online medical app & telehealth. 20 years ago, No one thought that this might have been possible. But nowadays, primary healthcare services are just one tap away. You can now have access to doctors via smartphones, computers, and tablets. No more spending lots of money, no traveling and no waiting in line. Treatment will be at the comfort of your home. Welcome to the world of MyCare – An online medical app for instant care.

What are the benefits patients & doctors get from MyCare?

  • Continuing care beyond the clinic
  • Easy Access to specialists
  • Interactive consultation between patient and doctor
  • Symptoms visible to the doctor through video streaming
  • Services in remote & rural locations
  • Saves traveling time
  • Cost-effective
  • Services at the comfort of your home
  • No missing work because of illness
  • Quick patient engagement and satisfaction

What is MyCare?

MyCare is a revolutionary Healthcare Platform that connects patients to doctors through a secure mobile phone platform. Not only patients can connect with their doctors – they can connect with their hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories as well. Hospitals and Doctors can bring their care to more patients and get paid without the extra overhead. Patients have access to their pharmacies and laboratories at any time anywhere. Patients have access to all of their medical data- all through their MyCare app. The future is here: simple and seamless healthcare


Instant Care App - Integrated Health Platfrom

Why MyCare Invent?

MyCare can be a batter in long-term care management and provide patient satisfaction value. It is a medium to communicate with health professionals via interactive chats & video calls. MyCare reduces the amount of travel required for both doctors & patients. MyCare improves follow-up care, rises patient’s access to services, and improves the accuracy of patients’ medical records via a digital medical passport folder. With this instant medical app technology doctors now able to handle more patients. With amplified access & a more connected level of care health professionals and the patient can work together to accomplish their therapeutic goals.

Making Healthcare More Convenient

With enhanced features such as home delivery of medical reports & medicines and secure digital storage of medical records of a patient, MyCare will be upgrading the way doctors and patients interact. MyCare still has a lot of inventions to implement in the medical industry, it can become a backbone for the instant healthcare system. The benefits are vast. All in all, it is safe to say that the future of healthcare is MyCare. Visit our MyCare Website to know more about us.

Download the MyCare App and consult the best doctors from your town.

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My Care Patient Portal:

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