MyCare Europe is Live Now

MyCare Europe
April 4, 2020

MyCare Europe is Live Now


As we all know that now the world is fighting against the coronavirus COVID-19 crises and it is a big challenge for the healthcare system. Many countries and cities are in lock-down and peoples are stuck in their homes. XcelTec Group comes with a great solution to fight against the corona COVID-19 situation.

We are glad to announce that we have launched our new healthcare platforms MyCare Europe App for people’s betterment. It will allow the patient to take medical treatment even they are at home or in a self-quarantine. A not only patient can connect with their doctors they can connect with hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories to get their prescriptions and reports at doorsteps. We launched our MyCare doctor portal & MyCare patient portal in Europe.

What is the MyCare Europe App?

MyCare is a revolutionary Healthcare Platform that connects patients to doctors through a secure mobile phone platform. Not only patients can connect with their doctors – they can connect with their hospitals, pharmacies, and laboratories as well. Hospitals and Doctors can bring their care to more patients and get paid without the extra overhead. Patients have access to their pharmacies and laboratories at any time anywhere. Patients have access to all of their medical data- all through their MyCare app. The future is here: simple and seamless healthcare

What Doctor Can Do with MyCare Europe App

MyCare Europe App will help doctors to provide medical facilities to the patient being a virtual place using their mobile phones. They can do conference video call with patient and be safe from infectious diseases. With the MyCare App, the doctor has access to online OPD via video consultation. There are many more features for doctors like digital prescription, medical history, doctors’ notes, patient reports and so on..!

Let’s understand MyCare with a little example:

A group of expert doctors is performing complex surgery, guided remotely by a highly skilled & experienced surgeon via the online medical app MyCare. At the same time, a single mother sick in bed with high fever is being consulted by a physician via smartphone.

What Patient Can Do with MyCare Europe App

It connects patients to doctors through a secure mobile phone platform. Patient users love the convenience of chatting with their doctors at any time. Not only doctors- but patients can connect with pharmacy, laboratory, and hospitals.

What are the benefits patients & doctors get from MyCare?

Continuing care beyond the clinic

Easy Access to specialists

Interactive consultation between patient and doctor

Symptoms visible to the doctor through video streaming

Services in remote & rural locations

Saves traveling time


Services at the comfort of your home

No missing work because of illness

Quick patient engagement and satisfaction

Make your healthcare life easier wherever you are – The latest version of the My Care application is available on the app store and play store. Download at any time from anywhere.

MyCare App will be Live Soon on the App Store & Play Store.

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